I am writing on a gallery tool for photos, and films for my Canon Camera. Doing this I found some bugs in mjpegtools, at least in the version from PackMan. I corrected the two (small) bugs and recompiled the package.

The two bugs are the following:

  1. jpeg2yuv was not able to process only once (loop parameter), therefore I modified the parameter -l to accept any integer value: 0 for endless loops, 1..N for n loops (before 1 was endless, and 0 was 1 and the default).
  2. lavaddwav was refusing files with extensions in capital letters (.AVI was wrong, but .avi was OK). I changed this, though .AvI is still not allowed.


At a glance, the packages I created:

I kept the old version: mjpeg tools RPM (i686) and mjpeg tools SRPM


Once this is done, given that you downloaded the RPM in the directory where you currently are, you can just install it this way (this should work ;-):

        rpm -Uvh *.i686.rpm

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