ALSA stands for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture and is the next sound architecture for the official Linux kernel. It has already been integrated in the 2.5 serie of kernels (the developer branch of the kernel) but it is not part of the current stabilized 2.4 branch (which I am using).

So I took the sources from the ALSA Homepage and created some RPMs out of them. This was my first big RPM, I learned a lot (e.g. that there is no RPM reference...) and these RPMs work for me, but I don't take for granted that it works for everybody: use at your own risks.


At a glance, all the packages I created:

I didn't yet have time to document the whole stuff, so that it is for now more for people who know what they are doing... Just know about the ALSA config tool that it seems quite broken: the version 0.4.3b is outdated but usable, whereas 0.4.5b didn't work but seems up-to-date (well!).

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